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Watch/listen and tell me you don’t get a spring in your step and feel good. I always forget how much of a pick-me-up I get from cocky ass rap that gives no fucks. Forget the therapist and the couch, just listen to some ASAP or Rick Ross and I guarantee you’ll walk on air all day.

Starscape is the shit

This was year 3 of attendance and goddamn if it doesn’t keep getting better.


I ain’t made shit. If he gave me a handout I’ma take his wrist and break it.

¡Mayday! – Pass the 45

This band needs much more press. They’ve been around a few years; from Miami.

Boondocks FTW!!

Props to Aaron McGruder and will.i.am

Bird Peterson – Drankenstein


This just might be a perfect mixtape. Bird Peterson combined two of my favorite (and apparently his) types of music: dirty south rap and trance. Yes, you read correctly and this mix BANGS.

From Mad Decent:

It’s 15 tracks that are all southern hip hop remixes, made from some of Bird’s favorite trance samples – but be warned – these aren’t meant for ironic yucks – this is just some damn good remix production with a solid theme- go Bird!

And Bird himself:

It’s based on an idea I started working with when i created the Dope Boys remix for Diplo’s recent Gucci Mane mix. This is my amalgamation of two trends i’ve always loved: the dirty south and the use of trance synths in current rap. Here I have taken 15 or so of my favorite southern rap songs and 15 or so of my favorite trance synth lines to create something thats not corny or funny, it’s simply the motherfudgin’ jam!

Get it here: DOWNLOAD

N*E*R*D – Sooner or Later

Fitting in these times, no?