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I, Robot


Technology is killing us, destroying our humanity.

We completely reject what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We elect to plug in and tune out instead of quickly recharge and get back on the road; settling for Hoverounds over lifting weights and having true mobility; 500+ Facebook “friends” instead of two genuine real-life ones.

What is the next step?

Have our diets and environment turned autism into the next stage of evolution? In 200 years will human beings be void of emotion and social rationality?

We’ve become so inoculated from the human experience that we now live in fear of it; we try to avoid or stigmatize those still capable of breaching our digital pacifiers.

What do we do to stop it? Can we change course? At times it feels inevitable, like we’re a deranged cousin of the dodo bird. If only we could figure out who’s leading us off the cliff.

The updates are being installed. You may need to restart your computer once completed.

Damn You, Apple

Dan Hopper at Best Week Ever took the words right out of my mouth.