Why I am Protesting at the G-20

Just crackin' skulls, ay?

Gettin' right aggro in here innit?

For the hippies, communists, and pacifists of western Pennsylvania (and whoever else traveled to town), Thursday and Friday’s Group of 20 summit is another excuse to make papier-mâché globes and rant against ‘capitalism.’ Admittedly, I really do not like being lumped in with the usual protestors, as frankly, they have become caricatures and clichés for lazy idiocy.

I’m swallowing my pride however, and will be occupying my own slice of sidewalk along Liberty or Penn Avenue, or wherever the security perimeter allows, protesting this meeting of presidents, prime ministers, and central bankers.

But Greg! Why would a nice fellow such as you want to be considered a ragamuffin and hang out with those crazy ‘anarchists?’ I have several reasons.

The purpose of the meeting is for the “leaders” of the world’s richest nations to discuss policies and strategies for standardizing currency markets and taxes. This means establishing a one world currency and central bank, or more simply, enslavement of everyone! Unless of course you’re well connected to those in power.

Yes, the Dollar has lost a lot of value over the past few years. This is directly due to the instability of fiat currency and establishing a global central bank will only exacerbate the problem.

Consider for a moment the meaning of currency. It is a medium of exchange of Human value. Not the Ordinal value of the number on the bill, but of Human value; the value given to it by those involved in the exchange and the time and effort they spent creating the actual monetary value represented by the medium of exchange.

Fiat monies have no intrinsic value the moment they are printed or signed for. They represent future possibilities of actual Human value endeavors, either as goods produced or services to be rendered. As future possibilities, they are non-physical and hold no intrinsic value that can be measured now. They are therefore unknown, and their value holding capability is limited to the risk one is willing to assume as an assessment of their future actual value.

Gold and other physical monies have intrinsic value that can be compared to a physical property, NOW.

That physical property is largely invariable over time. So, any Human value placed in it is also largely invariable over time. The Human value meaning of the measure of gold may vary somewhat, but the actual measure, the weight, will not. This creates stability in value exchange that requires no other authority besides a standards body to define the weight.

What does this have to do with the G-20? Everything.

The Federal Reserve and other central banks are evil. Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker, and every other Fed chairman should be jailed for treason.

If you think I’ve lost my mind, ask yourself this question: As the government prints more and more money, what will happen to the value of that money?

It immediately loses value! The decline in the USD directly correlates with the Fed’s massive injection of currency reserves. Unfortunately the printing press is still running, the lights are off, and the door is locked, leaving us poorer everyday. Call me crazy but I’d much rather prefer a future that doesn’t involve hyperinflation and a complete collapse of our financial system.

As passionate as I am about the subject, it’s considered nerdy and frankly, most people don’t care. The biggest reason I oppose the entire idea of the G-20 and G-8 is due to my hatred of government in all forms. Putting all these politicians and central bankers together in one room is just begging for terrible ideas to result!

I especially reject the idea of a global government reigning over all 192 countries. We have enough problems with Washington already trying to do everything, imagine the trouble when congress is in Prague or Istanbul or Shanghai.

Utter hypocrisy, as usual: the state outlaws private “collusion” while engaging in global collusion itself. We need a dissolution of power, not more concentration.


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