I ain’t dead yet…

The gen X/millennial hybrid’s (25-35 yrs old) malaise is astounding. We were at the tail end of “you gotta go to college to make it in this world” when right in the middle of our time on campus the banks melted down and everything changed. Too young to benefit from helicopter money and the jobs that accompanied it, too old for the Twitter shitposting that altogether eschewed the now hollow power structures. We felt lied to and betrayed and in some ways we were but mostly our advisors were simply naive. Things worked out when they followed that path, why wouldn’t it be the same for us? Making peace with this reality is the hardest but most crucial step to recovery.

Along comes the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. A long slumbering patriotic artery is given a shot of epinephrine and the course of human history is forever altered. No longer do young men and women like myself wonder “is anybody else seeing this shit?!?” The disaffection that accompanied “compassionate conservatism” and “you didn’t build that” was wiped away in one short speech punctuated with the goal of making America great again. We no longer have to play nice with the nerds who think politics is where they get to subjugate their cool kid tormentors from yesteryear. We can finally stop biting our tongues around the blue-haired freak show mafia that we always knew were deeply damaged individuals who need quarantined, not celebrated. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

The clouds have all parted. The fog of war has evaporated. The enemy is clear and plain. We weren’t accepted for so long we no longer care about their assessments of us and can fight unburdened by concerns for perception. We already know you hate us and we have no need to show mercy. Our will is stronger because we have had to foment in the dark, in silence, in preparation for a day we weren’t confident would ever arrive. The floodgates are open and we are going to cleanse this great nation of its traitors and their sycophants. There are more of us than you. We believe in our cause more strongly than you do yours because ours is right and just and necessary for the world to survive.

Good luck winning this war. Too many have been emboldened to finally act out what they knew all along was right. The gut doesn’t lie and we can feel your desperation, taste your fear, smell the impending victory.



Watch/listen and tell me you don’t get a spring in your step and feel good. I always forget how much of a pick-me-up I get from cocky ass rap that gives no fucks. Forget the therapist and the couch, just listen to some ASAP or Rick Ross and I guarantee you’ll walk on air all day.

WSJ gets in my head

Beautifully stated: Inside the Cold, Calculating Libertarian Mind

“Government is the embodiment of rights violation – it cannot function otherwise. Taxation violates property rights, extending imagined rights to others violates liberty (the patient may be getting a “right”, but ask the doctor if he isn’t a slave), and any refusal to comply will ultimately lead to government violating the right to life.”

Still think voting for Barry or Mitt is smart?

Starscape is the shit

This was year 3 of attendance and goddamn if it doesn’t keep getting better.



I’ve become a regular listener of Joe Rogan’s podcast over the past month. The most recent episode featured comedian Bryan Callen and a good chunk was a discussion about fear and its relationship with success. For the uninitiated, Rogan’s podcast is not really a comedy show despite the host and most guests hailing from that world. It’s very long form, averaging two and a half to three hours and covers a myriad of topics. Callen brought up a book in the works by a psychologist friend of his who has counseled athletes and corporate execs and other folks in high intensity careers. [Sidenote: Callen is incredibly interesting.]

There was one anecdote Callen was relating that really stuck out for me. He asked the doc what is the most common hurdle faced by the CEOs and other high powered businessmen he’s had therapy with. He said they all are afraid of being discovered as frauds; that somehow they lucked into their position and are in over their heads.

That is fucking fascinating. Think about that for a minute.

With very, very few exceptions (and it’s not going to be the guys seeking professional counseling) none of these guys were handed the keys to a Fortune 500 company. God did not simply smile on them and they wound up there. It seems to me that they all possess a level of humility beyond what would be expected. Sheeeit, there are girls on Twitter that never finished high school with bigger egos.

Contrast that with the assholes in Congress and the last, oh I don’t know, 30 presidents. Every single one of those dicks thinks they have some right to be there. Obama is a glaringly obvious example of this mentality. For chrissakes he’d written two (2!!!) autobiographies before he even ran for President. And yet the chairman of Chevron’s board is worried he’s not qualified for his job.

This is the big reason why it’s not now and never will be about “just getting the right people in office.” I used to naïvely believe that. Then I finished the 11th grade and used my brain. The people who want to be in politics are never the people who should be in politics. You don’t willingly give a tyrant power; you do everything you can to keep them from obtaining it.

I’ve got more on this, stay tuned.

I, Robot


Technology is killing us, destroying our humanity.

We completely reject what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We elect to plug in and tune out instead of quickly recharge and get back on the road; settling for Hoverounds over lifting weights and having true mobility; 500+ Facebook “friends” instead of two genuine real-life ones.

What is the next step?

Have our diets and environment turned autism into the next stage of evolution? In 200 years will human beings be void of emotion and social rationality?

We’ve become so inoculated from the human experience that we now live in fear of it; we try to avoid or stigmatize those still capable of breaching our digital pacifiers.

What do we do to stop it? Can we change course? At times it feels inevitable, like we’re a deranged cousin of the dodo bird. If only we could figure out who’s leading us off the cliff.

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